Buenos Aires!

We arrived in BA on December 13th around 1pm. After some driving around in a taxi we finally found our place. One thing about this trip is that taxi cab drivers have been inexpensive and much more honest than those in Europe. Our place is great close to resturaunts, bars and clubs. It took a couple trips to get wifi working. Yesterday we walked around Palermo the fashion district. Today was San Telmo the old town and around the port area. We also walked through the presidents house a large red/pink house. Despite the currency devaluation clothes here are as expensive to a lot more expensive than the U.S. We walked into a Levi store selling the same jeans I bought for $40 for $100. Food prices are the same in the US. Most meals here in Argentina are beaf. In Uruguay there was a good selection of fish or pescado to choose from. We have had some good beaf tho. Tonight we are going to a Middle Eastern restaurant. People seem to eat earlier here than in Uruguay, 9 or 10pm. We leave here Monday night.










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