On Wednesday afternoon we rented a car and drove to Valparaiso on the coast. We stayed in a hostel with several other people my age all traveling the world for a year. They were from Canada, Scotland , Netherlands & Santiago. It was fun. Sorry no pictures as my phone died on the way there.

Yesterday we drove back to Santiago and spent some time downtown. Santiago seems to be very affluent. We walked through a mall that would put the Gardens to shame. The grocery store made Whole Foods look like Albertsons.

Last night we made a light dinner for C-Rat.




Santiago, Chile!

I arrived Tuesday evening after a easy day of flying. The house I am staying in is very nice in an affluent neighborhood within walking distance to downtown. The owner of the house is, 27 year old Constantino, an insurance lawyer. The house is 3-4 bedrooms with a pool. Constantino rents out the extra rooms. Lately he has been renting to English teachers like Jon.

Picture of the house: